I had some very specific requirements that I wanted to meet in building this website.

Those requirements are identified in this article.

Technical Requirements

  • Has to display on computers or tablets with various sizes of screens with various resolutions.
    • The nature of the site - large volume of large articles - precludes using a phone.
  • Has to use standard browsers.
  • Has to support the organization of content.
  • Has to be easy to maintain content.
  • Has to be easy to identify and display related articles.
  • Has to support bilingual content - French and English.
  • Has to be easy to switch from one language to the other.

Organization of Content

  • I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to organize the content.
  • A top level menu would be required, containing:
    • Home
    • Components
    • Techniques
    • Tools
    • References
    • About
  • There would be sub-menus under each of the top-level menus where required.
    • I already knew that I would have sub-menus under Components, Techniques, and Tools
    • I already knew what those sub-menus were going to be.