This article describes how to setup the first user. This user will have the same privileges as the administrator ID that was setup during the installation of Joomla. The reason that I did this is so that the created content will identify me as the author, instead of the administrator.

User Setup

The Joomla Website has excellent instructions on the panels that are used to setup a new user. Before setting up the first user, I reviewed these instructions: Adding a new user - Joomla! Documentation.

The following are the settings that I used to set myself up as the first user. There are two panels that are required.

Account Details

This panel provides a list of fields that need to be completed.

Field Value Note
Name My name I put in my own name here. When I create content on my website. this is displayed in any field where the author identified.
Login Name login name I created a login name. This is used when I sign into my site.
Password a password I'm clearly not going to share what my password is.
Confirm Password the same password Whenever you make a change to a user, this field is cleared. Before saving, I found that I have to come back here and re-type my password. I can save the user once I have done this.
Email my email address This has to be a valid email address. When the user is created or a change is made, an email with the information will be sent to the user.
Receive System Emails No This setting determines whether the user should receive system-relevant emails. I prefer not to.
User Status Enabled This is a required setting to ensure that this user can access the site.

Assigned User Groups

This panel presents a vertical tree showing all of the access levels that can be granted to a user. For my user on my website, I selected Super User, which is the same access as the administrator user.

Test the user

Logout of the Administrator account and login with the new user.